‘Whose Culture?’ – A Cultural Engagement Data Project

Rising is thrilled to be working on a project to map the cultural engagement of young BAME people in Bristol, funded by the University of Bristol’s Jean Golding Institute, and in collaboration with Zahra Ash-Harper who also works at the Pervasive Media Studio

A small amount of seed funding has been awarded to start a conversation around the question: Whose Culture and Where

This workshop-based pilot will explore how young people from Bristol’s BAME communities engage with culture in the broadest sense. We’re not just mapping how many visit museum and galleries – we’re interested in all cultural activity that takes place in communities, whether it’s in public spaces or in bedrooms. In the long term, we hope to develop an app that showcases how young people are getting involved with Bristol culture, encourages them to do more, and rewards them for it.

Some of the questions we’re asking include:

1.              How are underrepresented groups, particularly BAME young people, being in/excluded?

2.              How could data be captured and shared for the benefit of a variety of communities?

Update: 27/06/2017

Workshop with Young People and Cultural Organisations


  • Young people from BAME communities, including students, artist/performers, and young people who work full-time, part-time or are self-employed.
  • Representatives from cultural organisations: Arnolfini, Bristol Museums and Art Gallery, Creative Youth Network, Bristol Plays Music/Colston Hall, At-Bristol & Spike Island.

In a loosely structured format, the young people discussed their relationships to ‘culture’, what it means to them, and where/how they engage. The session was recorded via reportage illustration by Rising artist Jasmine Thompson.