Fiona Clabon

15th April 2017

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I am so lucky to work from a shared creative studio space at BV Studios in Bedminster, Bristol. I’ve been here for just over a year, and I’m now not quite sure what I’d do without it!

I really like being able to have differentiation between work time and Fiona time, as well as meeting new creatives and having a professional and permanent workspace.

Our room at BV, M2, has ten amazing ladies in, ranging from illustrators, to fine artists, performers and set designers.

Photograph of a sign with artist names on.

My space consists of my giant desk, a wonderful £10 bargain bought when I was at uni – best £10 I’ve ever spent! To the right of my desk I have three sets of draws, there’s two shelving units on the wall and two large shelving units behind where I sit.


Photograph of a large wooden artist's desk

I like to try and keep it as organised and tidy as possible, but there are definitely those days when I’m in the middle of trying to do ten things at once and it’s a bit of a tip!

We’re having an Open Studios weekend next weekend, 22/23 April. BV is home to over 125 artists, practicing in all different disciplines, come down and have a nosy for yourself!

Here are some of my favourite snippets from M2 and my space.

Photograph of four shelves in a studio, with boxes, folders and shelves on.
Photograph of a small section of a door, including the lock and a sticker saying 'you are beautiful'
Chalkboard in a studio with 'Everything is going to be okay' written on it in white chalk
Photograph of a handmade postcard that says 'You can do anything but not everything' on it.
Photograph of a bright and colourful postcard with a motivational quote on