INTERVIEW: Priyanka Meenakshi – Control Room Artist

As a result of a commission from the Bristol Arts Development team at the City Council, Rising Arts Agency hosted a commission at the ‘Control Room’ on Redcliffe Bridge. Four young, emerging artists were asked to produce installations in the space using a variety of different mediums, working directly onto the windows of the unit. As the project continued, each artist handed over to the next, responding to and developing on the work of the previous artist.

Priyanka Meenakshi was the fourth artist in the series.

How did you respond to the ‘Control Room’s’ brief?

I had to let go of control in my own work in order to respond to the artists before me but also retain some to maintain my style!

What inspires you to make your art?

I am inspired by my feelings, dreams, memories and ruminations.

What goes into the process?

I don’t have a process, I just create what comes to mind. It’s deliberately loose and unstructured.

What makes your art your own?

Depiction of unpalatable bodies and experiences.

The ‘Control Room’ commission in the space on Redcliffe Bridge ran until 31st March. Find out more by visiting our Project page.