Henry Garrett

31st March 2017

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logo for feminist charity

Pay Back the Gap is a charity that raises funds for other women’s charities. My partner and I created it and are launching it soon.

The brief was open ended, but we wanted the logo to look modern and cool. The logo will be used as part of our social media campaigning, and we wanted it to symbolise the mission whilst looking more like a startup logo, than a traditional charity one.

I focused on the idea of a gap that needs to be bridged. All the work that needs to be done in the pursuit of a more equal society, should not fall to the oppressed groups. In the bridge pictograph, more bridge has been built on the woman’s side, and the men are just starting to build their side up.

Latimer’s Sandwich Co. is a sandwich shop on Whiteladies Road in Bristol. It is the best sandwich shop in the world.

I was given considerable freedom on this design, but the client wanted to include a baguette – their bestseller. I wanted to focus on the possibility of customising one’s own sandwich; at Latimer’s one has complete freedom to design one’s own sandwich. Having worked in the shop, I was struck by the idea of sandwich construction. I ended up with this idea of an exploded schematic of a complex sandwich.

Unused logos for a healthy cooking blog. I was asked for hand-lettering and citrus fruit.

Logo for my own Drawings of Dogs project. I had to have a joke in there, and stay true to the comic’s aesthetic. The dog is Billie, my own hound. She does not like having her photo taken in fact.