INTERVIEW: Jasmine Thompson – Control Room Artist

As a result of a commission from the Bristol Arts Development team at the City Council, Rising Arts Agency is hosting a commission at the ‘Control Room’ on Redcliffe Bridge. Four young, emerging artists have been asked to produce installations in the space using a variety of different mediums, working directly onto the windows of the unit. As the project continues, each artist will hand over to the next, responding to and developing on the work of the previous artist.

Jasmine Thompson, the second artist in the series, is a Bristol-based illustrator, writer, and designer. Her work focuses predominantly on social issues and identity, particularly focusing on the city and the people that inhabit it.


How did you respond to the ‘Control Room’s’ brief?

I created cityscapes on the windows of the ‘Control Room’ in response to the theme of control. The illustrations are designed to be from a CCTV camera observing the city and its inhabitants through a lens. We are under constant watch and analysis at all times, constantly feeling like we’re encouraged to be sheep and follow the crowd. There is an element of control within society, and I depict this through incorporating the CCTV camera element into my illustrations.

How do you create your pieces?

I create my pieces with pen and ink on paper and some straight onto the window. I work using simple materials but relatively detailed.

How has your work developed since during this project?

My work has developed from exploring new methods of producing artwork that I normally shy away from. I’ve included collaged work which is something I’m unfamiliar with, but it’s been a fun process.

What has been your biggest hurdle in doing the ‘Control Room’?

My biggest hurdle has been keeping my fingers warm long enough to draw! Generally the space is a great place to work in and a lot of fun though, this is a new experience and I have been fully embracing it.

The ‘Control Room’ commission is running in the space on Redcliffe Bridge until the 31st of March. Find out more by visiting our Project Update page.