Integration & Culture

Jasmine Thompson

3rd October 2016

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This project addresses the theme of race, integration and culture within UK cities. I aimed to provide a better understanding of the realities of living in society when you are a person of colour, and the prejudices that entail.

I focused heavily on communities and the strength that comes with them, and how living amongst people who share your culture allows you to stay in touch with it. 

I based this work in Bristol and London, around my local communities in St Pauls and Easton. I also travelled to Spitalfields Markets and Wentworth Street in London, where I met the people running small businesses selling food and fabric.

I interviewed Rosa; founder of Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group, and also interviewed people closer to home – such as my Aunt and Father – on growing up in a black community in a predominately white town.

A non-outlined watercolour image featuring two abstract figures beside a handwritten quote.
An ink illustration depicting a red paper lantern, featured alongside text written in English and using Chinese logograms.
A mixed media image featuring the woman staring out at the observer from an earlier work, alongside a depiction of two fabric sellers. The majority of the image is sketched in pencil, but in the centre of the image there is a colourful, patterned ink representation of fabrics.
Three sketched portraits of the same bearded man, interwoven with quotes said by him to the artist.