Fallen From Grace

Mary Watson

31st March 2017

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Pictured is an object from the project fallen from grace. A gold helmet sits on top of a white plinth, the helmet is filled with red velvet, atop the red velvet sits two white ceramic syringes. On each syringe is gold detailing which depicts the logo of the United States Postal Service.
Pictured is an object taken from the project fallen from grace. Two white goblets sit ontop of a plinth, the taller goblet has a cold water tap coming out of the front, the smaller is filled with blue and white medcine capsules. Both goblets are decorated with gold detailing referencing religious orders. The objects look as if offering the eucharist. Behind the goblets the is a gold sign on the wall, it reads fallen from grace and takes the shape of the classic top of the pops logo.
Pictured is a object taken from Fallen from Grace, it is a flannel tracksuit top folded upon a plinth, the tracksuit is red white and blue. Attached are ceramic medals and union jacks. Jimmy Saville is sewn across the front in bold white lettering, in smaller lettering towards the collaring embroidering reads NHS. BBC, O.B.E and Crown.
Pictured is two objects from the project Fallen from Grace. in the foreground to the left is the top of a black ceramic shredder sat upon for gold pillars. The front of the shredder reads Fred the Shred in gold lettering. A document on ethical banking, codes of practice is half shredded. In the background is a tracksuit top atop another plinth. Behind both is a gold sign in the style of the top of the pops logo, it reads Fallen from Grace, around these words a gold circle is drawn.

The work is interested in the notion of success and its fragility; its institutionalisation and its corruption. I am fascinated by the idolisation of figures who have gained ‘celebrity statuses’ or ‘national acclaim’, moved to positions of untouchable success they are able to mask their failures.

I have created shrines memorialising these lost idols. Which once considered, illustrate their failings, question the institutions that created them and mourn all that was lost for those who followed devoutly.

Lance Armstrong, Seven time Tour de France Champion. Stripped of all victories in 2012 after it was proven Armstrong had taken performance enhancing drugs throughout his career.

Sir James Wilson Vincent ‘Jimmy’ Savile, OBE. Radio DJ, TV presenter and Charity Fundraiser. After death in 2011 found to be predatory sex offender.

Mother Teresa, to be sainted on the 4th Sept 2016. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Founder of the Missionaries of Charity, a religious order dedicated to the care of the “poorest of the poor”. Yet to widely fall, however associated with dubious political figures, while The Missionaries of Charity provides poor care to the sick and dying, despite being one of the wealthiest charities in the world.

Sir Fred Goodwin, OBE, Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland 2001-2009, Stripped of Knighthood in 2012 after aiding Britain into the financial crash.

Exhibited as a part of Electric City, Hidden Doors Festival 2016.

Photography courtesy of Austin McCowan