My 31 Day Collage Challenge

Fiona Clabon

31st March 2017

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January Cut – Collage Challenge

This January saw me complete 31 collages, for the third year running!

January Cut, my own personal collage challenge, began in 2015. It’s a challenge I set myself to ensure I had a productive and creative start to the year. January 2017 saw me, perhaps slightly foolishly, take up the challenge again.

My collages are created using papers that I’ve printed different textures onto with printing inks. I then cut up these papers and assemble and layer them in different ways. It’s a pretty simple process, but it’s quite unique and a therapeutic way to create work.

As with everything, there were good days and… not so good ones. The good days were when ideas came to me early, when I had a plan, when I knew what I was doing. Not so great days were ones where I was out of the house all day, when I was unwell or when work hadn’t gone well and I didn’t have a creative ounce left in me. These days I had to dig deep to share something positive with the world.

The content of the collages varied, featuring places I’d visited, what I’d been up to that day or what I’d had for dinner!

Here’s a selection of my favourites from the month, including day to day things, trips to Bath and Wales, day trips with friends and painting my bathroom – yes I was overly excited about this one!

Paper collage of a yellow front door in Bath, with cream brickwork surrounding the door, a green wreath hung at the door and a plant eihter side of the door.

January Cut – Day One

I had a truly lovely end to the year yesterday, wandering around Bath with a best friend. We had cakes, smelt more varieties of tea than I knew was possible, and admired many fancy houses and gorgeous Christmas wreaths.

This one was one of my favourites, a beautiful yellow front door on the Royal Crescent, with beautiful views to the hills beyond.

A collection of orange and yellow cocktail glasses, made from paper collage

January Cut – Day Six

It’s January, it’s Friday, and it’s cocktail o’clock for me!

four different geometric patterns, all are blue, orange and grey.

January Cut – Day Seven

I’ve enjoyed making paper patterns this morning!

I’m planning to make some bold and colourful patterned note cards this year, so hopefully you’ll see some of these designs back again later in the year!

View down a street at sunset, with black buildings and a blue and yellow sky

January Cut – Day Nineteen

The best part of my day today was hobbling around the park with a friend at sunset, after being stuck in all day with back pain that won’t budge.

Tonight’s sunset wasn’t as glorious as yesterday’s, but I still snapped a lovely shot on my way home. Here it is as today’s collage.

Row of three houses, yellow, pink and blue.

January Cut – Day Twenty Four

Today’s collage inspiration came from a wander around the beautiful streets of Clifton earlier in the month. So many streets of coloured houses made it impossible to decide which was my favourite, but I thought these three made a lush combination!

Grey paper collage of decorating, with a roller and lots of pots of paint

January Cut – Day Twenty Six

Something simple and circular from me today, as I’m off to decorate my bathroom!
Now just to chose which shade of grey paint to go for…!

A blue table with pancake mixture on, including a frying pan, lemons and sugar

January Cut – Day Twenty Eight

Did someone say pancakes?
I had a delicious weekend treat breakfast today of fresh lemony pancakes, with a raspberry smoothie too, yum!

paper collage of bandstand near the beach in Tenby, Wales

January Cut – Day Thirty One

One of my favourite places I visited on holiday last year was Tenby. I was lucky to be there on a gorgeous blue day. Here’s the bandstand at one end of the beach, I thought it was beautiful, and a lovely memory to end this creative month with.

I’m ready for a collaging break now, and am going away for a few days later this week, which will be a lush way to celebrate all I’ve accomplished this month.

Here’s to a creative rest of 2017!